1197 Photography Contest

1197 Photography Event and Conference, February 17-23, 2013, 138 Sullivan Street, NYC

The first camera phone photo was taken on June 11th, 1997. In honor of that date, 1197 is a one-day conference dedicated to mobile & iPhone photography.

On Saturday, October 22nd, 2011, 351 people attended the world’s first conference about iPhone and mobile photography. 290 came to the Mission Bay conference center in SF, and 61 attended remotely. The New York Times wrote about it, and MacWorld and the San Jose Mercury News did too. Laughing Squid gave a preview, and several attendees wrote about their experiences in detail. There were over 2,000 submissions to the various contests where attendees won prizes from a live Instagram display. You can see every one of the talk videos from` the day or follow @1197is to get updates about the next one.

Contest Winners

There were over 2,000 submissions to the various 1197 contests.

Slideshow courtesy of our resident pregnant vegan lady Sarah Marshall. She took her own pregnancy pictures and submitted them as part of the contest!

Our #1 Winner This Year: The Cous Cous Kid


Sponsors & Partners

Spondors: lynda.com - photojojo - iPhone Photography Awards - potal pix - postagram - Schneider OPTICS - iPhoneography - Whole Foods


7:00am Optional Dawn Photo Walk - Meet at the corner 16th and Mission Street just outside the BART station. We'll walk together to the Mission Bay Conference Center and snap a few images along the way. Koci 9:00am Welcome Nate Bolt 9:03am Workshop: Visual Storytelling Koci & Dan Cristea 10:30am Coffee Break 12pm Lunch 1:10pm Some Prizes Nate Bolt 1:20pm How the Camera Phone changed the World Philippe Kahn 2:10pm iPhone Photography: Why Should We Care? Jessica Zollman 2:25pm App Stacking for Image Creation on your Phone Dan Marcolina 3:10pm Afternoon Break 3:35pm Welcome Back & Contest 3:40pm Crosswalk demo 3:45pm Shoot Now, App Questions Later Dan Rubin 4:05pm The Camera Phone & the Pro Photographer Lauren Lemon 4:25pm No Limits: Mobile-reporting from Afghanistan with the Basetrack Project Teru Kuwayama 5:10pm Rooftop photo opp 6:30pm Happy Hour hosted by Postagram at 111 Minna

We’d like to thank everyone who attended, especially our contest judges, blogger and Vegan “animal advocate” Sarah Marshall.

We’d also like to thank our lights and sounds guy “Even Steven”. He kept us together when the building we were in couldn’t support our power needs. Thanks Steven.